online service booking

Addressing a continual decline in conversion

Another area of the Audi site I was asked to look at was Online Service Booking, a simple online tool that allows customers to schedule a service or book a MOT at an Audi dealership. Since the tool launched it had seen the number of completed bookings gradually decline so it was clear there was a problem somewhere.

The analytics told us where the major drop offs were but they didn’t tell us why they were happening. Instead of relying on a website review / Heuristic Evaluation to provide the answers, I opted for a quick round of Summative Usability Testing because I wanted to base our solution on what was actually causing the problem as opposed to my opinion of what was causing the problem.

The testing revealed a number of issues, ranging from confusing copy to unclear interactions and mandatory requests for unnecessary information. Armed with this information, a small team of one talented developer, one impressive designer and myself got to work.

Three weeks and a number of iterations later, a new version of the Online Service Booking tool had been designed, tested, built, deployed and was trading with an increased conversion of 26%.


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